Mussel Farm Management Application

Our New Zealand made application is a unique automated solution for owners and managers of mussel farms which speeds up work and saves money.


About Us

We are a New Zealand based start-up, passionate about marine farming and the environment. We have many years of experience in creating unique solutions for New Zealand farming and other businesses. Our focus is to automate any manual work and optimise mussel growth.

Working with Marine Farming, we recognised the need for better management of mussel growth and the need for optimisation in farming. We’re aiming to grow a system that not only removes a lot of admin work from the mussel farming industry, but mainly creates the world’s first prediction algorithm for mussel growth and harvest dates.


Our mussel farm application is in the early beta stage and we invite you to join our waiting list to participate in the testing phase. Here are the features we’re currently testing:

Manage mussel farms and lines

Easy management of farms and lines for each farm. Setup line farming tasks and reminders for farming. Get notifications on how long your lines are empty and much more.

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Line assessment

Add regular line assessments and compare them in one easy table to measure mussel growth. We will use this data to enhance the mussel growth prediction algorithm.

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Manage your farms’ budget including purchases, expenses, actuals and budgeted values. See a live comparison of your budget versus last period and monitor your farms’ progress.

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User management

Create as many users as you want with permissions per farm. If you co-own the farm or you manage someone else’s farm – you will be able to give them permissions to view only their own farm’s data.

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Future plans for marine farming application

Our application is in the beta stage and we invite you to join our testing program below. Our next stages of development include:

Xero integration

We will integrate budget and expenses with Xero so you don’t have to double up any manual work.

Mussel farm prediction

Having enough data to learn from, we’re aiming to create an algorithm that will compare previous years’ data and estimate the best month for mussel harvest.

Spat optimisation

Based on data in the system, we’re planning to build an algorithm suggesting best use of spat type in a specific region for the best growth.

Prediction algorithm

Our main goal, having enough history of data, is to create a machine learning algorithm that will accurately predict the whole lifespan of mussel on the farm.

Request functionality

We’re a startup and we’re open for new functionality build. If you’re a customer and you’re missing a functionality, reach out and we’ll add it to the functionality wishlist.

Sign up to join our testing waiting list

We’re currently in testing stages and we have a selected number of users for testing out the system. If you’d like to hear about our development progress and would like to be considered for the testing program, fill out your email address below and we’ll send you regular updates about the app release and we’ll add you to the testing program waiting list.